Monday, April 28, 2008

Last Thursday, we had an interesting power outage on campus. Normally, when the power goes out, the backup generators kick in with in about 30 seconds. On Thursday, however, there was a problem within the campus power grid and they had to shut down all the electricity to the campus for ~2 hours. It ended up happening over dinner and made for an interesting couple of hours. The cafeteria can't run without electricity, so it had to close and everybody was more or less left to their own means to find food. Every pizza delivery place in Northfield got flooded and were running a couple of hours for deliveries. Some of the JCs and I ended up having a picnic in the lounge with whatever food we could find in our rooms and in the office.

Not only was it hard to find food, it was really dark and rainy out, so there wasn't enough light to read, so nobody could do homework. About half of the dorm ended up going outside and playing in the mud, which there was a lot of because it was raining hard. These are some of my residents when they came in.

There was enough water around that Hoyme hill became really slippery and the residents actually wore a strip of grass off the hill sliding down it.

(In case you pay attention to details, the power had come back on by this point, which is why there are lights in the background of the pictures).

On Friday night, the Ellingson staff was having their staff retreat, so they needed substitute JCs. I though it would the be on duty in Ell, just for old times sakes, so I got Betsy to do it with me. It was really funny because we (without meaning too) both ended up wearing our Hoyme sweatshirts and jeans. It weirded out a lot of the Ell residents because we were walking around looking at everything and going in the office, but they didn't recognize it. We were also hanging out in one of the JC's rooms and his residents kept coming in and getting confuse because we were there instead of the normal JC. I also showed Betsy the toothmarks on the stairs.

The story behind these is that about 10 years ago there was someone trying to do a handstand on the railing above. Being how they were really drunk, they fell and landed teeth first. They ended up being ok after reconstructive surgery and replacement fake teeth, but they left teethmarks in the stair.

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