Sunday, April 13, 2008

Grad school decision

Well, I've finally settled on a grad school. I've decided to go to U of M. So, that's exciting. The financial package is just too good of a deal to pass up. Plus, there is a lot of cool research going on there and the fellowship gives me a semester to look around and figure out what project I would really like to be on.

In other news, Saturday, was prez ball, which is kind of like prom for college. I really didn't feel like going but knew that people would try to get me to go because I go to swing club and know how to dance. So, I got myself on duty, which means I couldn't leave the building. Betsy was on duty with me, so we decided to have a "duty date" and dress up fancy for some of our rounds. We also implemented a great prank:

There is a bathroom in the office (because it used to be a dorm room with attached bathroom). There is kind of a ground rule on staff that you are not allowed to use that bathroom, because it is just weird. Furthermore, we use the bathroom for storage and there is a fair bit of food in there, so it would be gross to actually be using the toilet. Anyways, we made a dummy out of old clothes stuffed with newspaper and put it on the toilet. It worked out really well, because when you first walk into the office, you can only see the legs, which are the most convincing part.

Once you see the whole thing it is pretty clear that it is a dummy. It is still kind of creepy, however, because we used a jack o lantern for a head.

And of course, we took the incriminating picture of ourselves with our handiwork.

Now we have to wait and see what Julie's (our boss) reaction is when she comes in tomorrow morning. It's convincing looking enough that we startled ourselves when we came into the office later in the night.

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