Sunday, April 20, 2008

4:20 day

So, for a while, Beth and I have been planning to get cigars and go smoke out behind Thorson, because Beth wanted to try smoking, just to see what it's like. Because it was such a beautiful day, we thought it would be a good day. After the fact, we realized that it is 4:20 day (A day celebrated by pot heads where they smoke a lot of pot) so it probably looked sketchy to be smoking behind Thorson. The funny thing is, that we even ended up looking stoned when we took pictures.

For some reason Beth (in the middle) wouldn't let us take a picture of her with a cigar, so Cia and I decided to just surround her.

I also tried to teach Beth to blow smoke through her nose, but she wouldn't do it. So they took a picture of me doing it instead.

On Friday night, some friends and I went to a playground. Somehow, I ended up in a game of follower the leader with Chenoa, which is rarely a good idea (being how she used to be in the circus. Something about playground equipment must get her circus instincts going, because she starts climbing all over stuff and generally doing stuff of questionable safety. This includes sitting on my shoulders.

And at some point she ended up punching me in the nose. Again.

The next week will probably be busy because I have a lot of work that I didn't get done over this weekend. A have a project to due in Fourier Analysis, which should be pretty cool because most of the class has been really pure math and pretty much worthless for me. For the project, however, I'm research Fourier transforms, which are widely used in physics and (I'm assuming) mechanical engineering.

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