Thursday, May 8, 2008

Swing Club

So, I'm going to try out something. I've put a video on youtube and now am going to try to embed it in my blog.

This is a fairly accurate representation of my wednesday nights this year, except that the music is normally closer to big band, swing type stuff. The guy in the green shirt is Jamison; he is one of my JCs and is an amazing dancer, but we like to laugh at him while he dances. The two girls close up are April, one of the Hoyme residents, and her friend, Gracie. The short, stocky guy with the black shirt that say performer on it is Charlie, another one of my JCs. And finally, the girl with the black jacket and the white skirt is Katie Beth, who is an excellent dancer and pretty much the only reason that I know how to do a good swingout.

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