Sunday, September 28, 2008


Today, I saw one of the cutest things ever. I wanted to get out of the apartment and get some fresh air, so I went to a little park that is just down the street and sat on a bench to read. (Was reading Jeremiah, which is kind of tough going, but it was next in the endeavor to read through the bible.) Anyways, there was an old couple sitting on another bench in the park talking. They where probably in their 70's. So that was nice, an old couple sitting in a park on a Sunday afternoon. Then, the best part is that I looked up a little later and noticed them walk over to the swing set and playing on the swings. They where behaving just like little kids, but they where quite old. It was so cute.

I also spent a large part of the weekend trying to get linux working on my computer. I had already installed Ubuntu using a dual boot so that I could keep using windows. Ubuntu, however, does not support my wireless card, so this weekend, I found a workaround that lets me use a Windows XP driver for my wireless card. It's up and running, but it's still really flaky and only works sometimes. I also discovered that a lot of programs that can be downloaded for linux are not compatible with my architecture (AMD 64). So, alas, it looks like I still won't be a linux user.

In fitness news, I have been doing a little training for the possibility of a return to 24 hour racing next summer. This has manifested itself as going to the gym 3 times a week to work on strength and flexibility. Well, because of knee problems, I have been taking it easy when doing squats, but on Friday, I was feeling good and decided to push myself. So I upped the weight from 100lbs to 150lbs and did 2 sets. It was amazing. My muscles felt like they had a ton of tiny cramps or like they where ripping or something. When I got home, I ate 2 cans of tuna and iced my quads to try to limit the soreness. The icing worked pretty well on my quads but my hamstrings and butt were still sore because I didn't ice them.

In the interest of sharing some beauty, (because that's part of what I try to do with my blog) here is a picture from the U of M ...

... and a picture from St. Olaf.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Visiting St. Olaf

This weekend I decided to visit St. Olaf. Furthermore, I decided that I was going to bike commute down. It was quite an adventure because it's 45 mile ride, one way. I left at 3:30 on Friday and it took about 3.5 hours to get there. By the time I got to St. Olaf the sun was setting.

Unfortunately, the flash on my camera stopped working, so this was the last picture of the evening. It was really nice visiting people and talking to people at St. Olaf. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see everybody that I wanted to. I guess I will just have to visit again sometime soon.

I stayed the night in a friends room and the next morning, I was up early (because I'm on an early schedule from grad school). I wasn't sure how late people would be sleeping, so I didn't want to call anybody too early in the morning. So, to kill some time I went and sat in the chapel and read the bible. It was somewhat nostalgic because I used to go to morning chapel early to sit and read the bible. I also made some serious headway on my project of reading the bible cover to cover. I read the larger part of Jeremiah in the chapel, which is good because last time I read through the bible, I got bogged down in the prophets.

The ride home was like a long, drawn out train wreck. Before I even got off campus, I managed to sprain my hand when I went over a curb while trying to adjust my bag. Luckily, that didn't hurt to much until the next day. Then, because I haven't done much distance riding recently, I made some dumb nutrition mistakes, waiting too long to start eating. Then, when I realized I'd waited too long and desperately needed food, I shoved down ~1200 calories, which left me feeling kind of sick for the rest of the ride. On top of that, I am not in nearly as good of shape as I was when I was racing, and I was carrying 15-20 lbs of gear in my bag, so the 45 miles the day before had already taken a hefty toll on my body. By the time I got home my vision was starting to blur and I was becoming incoherent. I went to bed before 8:00 and was out cold for 11 hours.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

New Apartment

Installation 3 in my catching up on my blogging.

Also in August, I moved into a new apartment. It is actual a house where 2 roommates and I are living in the second floor and a couple of girls are living in the first floor.

My room is still sparsely furnished. I decided to get a folding table instead of a desk because it was easier to move in and it gives me a lot of workspace. I also haven't gotten around to getting a bed, so I'm still doing the mattress on the floor thing.

I did, however, invest in a dresser, which I got for a very good price at a thrift store. Notice the stick in the corner next to the lamp. Ben Clifford found that our freshman year and thought that it would be good room decoration. It has been in my room ever since then, where ever I have lived.

This is our dining room (which isn't used as such very frequently). Behind it is the living room and behind that is a kind of windowed alcove type thing.

The back yard.

If you are familiar with the Space Tower at the State Fairgrounds, then you will know where my apartment is, because the Space Tower is right across the street. This is a picture out the front window.

The best part of the apartment is the location. It is 4 miles from school, 2 miles from the grocery store, 2 miles from a bike shop, 1.5 miles from the gym, 1 mile from church, and 10 miles from my parents house. Furthermore, there are excellent bike routes going to all of those places. Thus, bike commuting is very easy, which I quite enjoy. If it get's too cold to commute, there is a good bus system that isn't too hard to get on.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Cia comes to visit

And now for installation 2 of trying to catch up on my blogging.

Also in August, Cia came to visit for a weekend before going to Ireland for the semester. It was really nice to just hang out with her for a couple of days. The first day, we went to the zoo with the family, (extended family where also visiting from Michigan). It has been a long time since I've been to a zoo, so it was fun to visit one again. I realized that I'm still a little kid at heart, because I thought it was great fun to see the animals, especially the monkeys and the sea otter.

On Sunday, after going to church in the morning, we decided to go adventuring in the afternoon. It was super fun and slightly sketchy as we went to a weird park. It is straight East of downtown Saint Paul but still before you get to the bluffs. It used to be a railroad yard but they are trying to turn it into a park. In the process of exploring the park, we found...

A fun rock wall to try to climb on. With no crash pads, I didn't go very high.

A sketchy abandon building. We thought about trying to get in, but the door was locked and we didn't want to crawl through a broken window. Notice, there is both graffiti and broken glass in the picture.

An old beer cave. This was cut into the base of the bluffs. The bars where quite sturdy, so we didn't try to break in.

For how close the park was to downtown, there are some parts of it that are remarkably beautiful. Notice, you can see a silhouette of the capital towards the right side of the skyline.

Overall, it was a wonderful weekend and I was sad to see Cia go on Monday. But, she needed to head off to Ireland.