Sunday, April 6, 2008

So, it was a busy weekend and I played with my camera a lot. On Friday, I had a corridor event where we played in the mud with a girls corridor from Ellingson. It is kind of becoming a tradition for me, as this is the third year in a row that I have played in this mud pit. Thankfully, it didn't get any glass in it after the hailstorm 2 years ago.

Then Mom, Dad, and I went to the Contented Cow to see my friends bluegrass band play. That was a lot of fun. I tried taking some pictures but not many turned out well because it was so dark.

On Saturday night, we had our staff retreat and all of the JCs spent the night at Betsy's house. It was a lot of fun. We mostly just hung out, talked, played scrabble and watched a couple movies. I played around with my camera a lot. Specifically, I was experimenting with focusing on something in the foreground and the shooting somebody farther away.

This is Jamison behind some flowers. He is actually going to be the SHC in Hoyme next year.

This is Sarah H. during the scrabble game.

This is Ellie. I really like how this picture turned out. It was morning and the sun was coming in the window behind her.

And this one is Katie.

Well, now I need to catch up on homework, so this is all for now.

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