Friday, December 26, 2008


Upon arriving home for Christmas break, we had a neighborhood party at our house, which involved this heirloom punch bowl...

... and the coolest looking plate of cookies I have ever seen. The girl that lives next door made this.

Overall, the party was a good time and I got to know my parents neighbors a little. I even talked to my t-ball coach (at least, I'm told he was my t-ball coach, I don't actually remember him). Turns out he is actually a really great guy; works in Aerospace engineering and bike commutes along my favorite highschool bike route; my kind of guy.

We celebrated Christmas eve early because the parents and Rachel had gigs on the real Christmas eve. Here is the spread of food we had.

Note that the china and silver here are also heirlooms. The heirlooms seem to come out around the holidays.

Christmas morning was relatively unexciting, as the parents had another gig. Rachel and I made chocolate chip pancakes ...

... and Rachel made a Christmas tree out of the chocolate chips ...

... and Jeremy tried to flambe cheese.

The morning's shenanigans also included playing dominoes with the presents. (Turns out that one of them actually contained a glass picture frame. Luckily it didn't break)

Overall, a nice day to just sit around and chill with the family.

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