Sunday, September 21, 2008

Visiting St. Olaf

This weekend I decided to visit St. Olaf. Furthermore, I decided that I was going to bike commute down. It was quite an adventure because it's 45 mile ride, one way. I left at 3:30 on Friday and it took about 3.5 hours to get there. By the time I got to St. Olaf the sun was setting.

Unfortunately, the flash on my camera stopped working, so this was the last picture of the evening. It was really nice visiting people and talking to people at St. Olaf. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see everybody that I wanted to. I guess I will just have to visit again sometime soon.

I stayed the night in a friends room and the next morning, I was up early (because I'm on an early schedule from grad school). I wasn't sure how late people would be sleeping, so I didn't want to call anybody too early in the morning. So, to kill some time I went and sat in the chapel and read the bible. It was somewhat nostalgic because I used to go to morning chapel early to sit and read the bible. I also made some serious headway on my project of reading the bible cover to cover. I read the larger part of Jeremiah in the chapel, which is good because last time I read through the bible, I got bogged down in the prophets.

The ride home was like a long, drawn out train wreck. Before I even got off campus, I managed to sprain my hand when I went over a curb while trying to adjust my bag. Luckily, that didn't hurt to much until the next day. Then, because I haven't done much distance riding recently, I made some dumb nutrition mistakes, waiting too long to start eating. Then, when I realized I'd waited too long and desperately needed food, I shoved down ~1200 calories, which left me feeling kind of sick for the rest of the ride. On top of that, I am not in nearly as good of shape as I was when I was racing, and I was carrying 15-20 lbs of gear in my bag, so the 45 miles the day before had already taken a hefty toll on my body. By the time I got home my vision was starting to blur and I was becoming incoherent. I went to bed before 8:00 and was out cold for 11 hours.

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